SE-1515 Resting PC ECG

SE-1515 Wired/Wireless Resting ECG

LAN/WAN Network Solution

  • Intuitive interfaces and user-friendly design
  • Resting ECG/Stress, ECG/Holter, and ECG report management
  • Multi-format reports: PDF/XML/SCP/DICOM/JPG/BPM/DOC
  • User-defined report structure
  • Massive data sharing and management solution
  • Electronic signature on ECG reports
  • Data backup and restoration
  • ECG Device Time Synchronization
  • Data access with HIS/EMR/PACs/CIS based on HL7/DICOM/GDT protocol
  • Does not include PC

12 Lead Resting ECG

  • Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition
  • Real-time ECG waveform display on PC screen
  • Auto/Manual measurement & interpretation
  • PDF report saving or transmitting via email
DP12 Sampling Box 1.jpg DP12 Sampling Box 2.jpg DX12 with Banana Cable.png
Available Options
SE-1515-DP12 SE 1515 PC Based Wired ECG
SE-1515- DX12 SE 1515 PC Based Wireless ECG
Optional Accessories