Acclarix Diagnostic Ultrasound System

AX3-VET Veterinary Diagnostic Ultrasound System

  • 128 physical channels for exceptional system performance 
  • 15" HD monitor with hard glass that swivels and angles for optiomal viewing
  • Fully-sealed, easy-to-clean control panel to aid in infection control
  • Dual gesture-driven touch screens for easy and efficient operation
  • Integrated 500GB hard drive and 4 USB ports to archive images
  • Standard configuration includes: tissue adaptive imaging, harmonic imaging, spatial compound imaging, eSRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging)
  • Doppler: Color doppler with directional power doppler imaging, pulsed wave doppler
  • Extended battery operation
AX3 Vet Ultrasound.JPG
Available Options
AX3-VET Acclarix AX3 VET Veterinary  Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Optional Accessories