iM3 Monitor

Monitor With 8" Display

Vital Signs Monitor with NIBP (Average BP), SPO2, Pulse, and Temperature

  • 8" color TFT-LCD screen
  • Light-weight, ultra-slim, and ergonomical design
  • Full touch screen operation with customizable shortcut menu
  • 360-degrees visual alarm light
  • Cable-receiving carry handle
  • Seamlessly interacts with EMR

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Available Options
iM3NS Edan SpO2, Edan NIBP 
iM3NSP Edan SpO2 , Edan NIBP  with printer
iM3NS.ETif Edan SpO2, Edan NIBP, Infrared Ear Temp 
iM3NS.EtifP Edan SpO2, EdanNIBP, Infrared Ear Temp with printer
iM3NS.QTcv Edan SpO2, Edan NIBP,  Covidien Quick Temp
iM3NS.QTcvP Edan SpO2, Edan NIBP,  Covidien Quick Temp with printer
Optional Accessories