AX-8 Acclarix Diagnostic Ultrasound

AX-8 Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • 15.6" tilt-and-swivel HD LCD monitor with specially bonded glass to increase durability
  • 10" touch-screen with gesture-control user interface
  • Additional 5" touch screen houses a virtual trackball
  • Fully sealed control panel aids in maintaining infection control
  • Tissue-adaptive imaging, harmonic imaging, eSRI: Speckle Reduction Imaging, spatial compound imaging, needle visualization and needle guide
  • Virtual TGC
  • User-defined preset, one-touch optimization, gesture-control interface
  • Connectivity: Dicom 3.0, 4 USB ports, Ethernet, video out, PDF, AVI, and BPM file export
Acclarix AX8.jpg
Available Options
AX8 Acclarix AX-8 Ultrasound with swivel 15" HD LCD Touch Screen
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