SE-301 3-Channel Portable ECG

Portable ECG

  • Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition 
  • Less than 1 Kg, ultra-portable
  • 5" High-resolution color touch screen
  • Color-coded signal quality indication
  • Large internal storage up to 800 ECGs
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports 8 hours of daily practice
  • Wi-fi optional
  • Powerful External Device Support

Convenient Information Communication:

  • Two USB ports and one microSD card slot, 
  • Bi-directional Communication with Data Management System via LAN, build-in Wi-Fi or built-in GSM/GPRS cellular modem
  • Multi-format ECG reports in standard PDF format and optional SCP, XML and DICOM format.
  • SEMIP® ECG algorithm offers an accurate and reliable reference for diagnosis.
  • Glasgow Algorithm with specialized Children ECG Interpretation is also optional for SE-301.
Available Options
SE301 SE 301 Portable ECG, 3 channel 5" Color screen w/Interpretation
SE301W SE301 ECG, with Wi Fi
Optional Accessories