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Height Measurement Devices

Height Stadiometer

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Height-measure Tape

Height-measure Tape
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Telescopic Height Measuring Rod
Mechanical telescopic measuring rod with large measuring range
60 - 200cm
Designed specifically for wall mounting.
The telescopic measuring rod ensures that the result can be easily read at eye level When not in use, the measuring slide can be folded down for safety.
HX200A 60 - 200cm Each
Height Measuring Tape
The space-saving solution with roll-up mechanism.
Easy fixing on wall with just one screw.
Display window in the head piece, it’s easy to read the height.
The durable tape is made of metal
HX400C 0 - 200cm Each
Height-Infanameter HX-300

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Infant height measuring device
The easiest, most accurate, quick method of measuring a baby's growth
HX300 8” - 39” 20-100cm Each